Taking a cherished registration off your car

May 19th, 2011


If you have a cherished registration number plate on your car, there will come a time when you need to remove it.

Usually this happens when you’re buying a new car, and want to keep the registration number – transferring it to your new car.

But what happens when you remove the cherished registration number? Do you have to buy another one to replace it?


Of course, your vehicle does need to have a registration number. So what happens there, then?

It’s actually quite straightforward.

First things first.

To transfer the private number plate from your current vehicle, you need to apply to the DVLA – using a V317 form. Your applications will be processed and, assuming it’s approved, a replacement registration number is allocated to your car – referred to as the donor vehicle. And you will also receive replacement documents with the replacement registration – leaving you free to put your cherished registration number on your new car.

All you then need to do is swap the number plates on your current car, and that’s it. Job done.

Easy peasy.

Check out our video for more info on how to transfer a private number plate.

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