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Pink cars are hot hot hot

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Pink cars are hotting up

It’s becoming a phenomenon.

So much so that the latest Pink Car Rally took place just a week ago.

With over 7,500 pink cars in the UK, we’re loving latest trend for the girlie look in cars… with the pink number plate as a perfect accessory.

And even the PiNK number plate is taking off.

Katie Price is doing it. Paris Hilton is doing it. And so is Barbie.

And lots of ladies are joining in with the love of everything pink. And not just on the outside. Jordan is having the full leather treatment in her latest acquisition, the Bugatti Veyron. Paris Hilton shows off her Bentley. And predictably, the Barbie Beetle is in the mix.

Number plate toilet humour

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Eye-catching private number plates with a touch of humour

Number plates are being spotted, photographed, and posted up on various number plate blogs and other websites.

In case you haven’t figured it out… that’s a portaloo on the back of this lorry!

A theme that seems to be very popular with a number of drainage / plumbing / heating companies. We’ve picked a few of our favourite and eye-catching ones. Some of them (see below) are possibly quite risque !

But we know there are so many more out there…?

I often get asked:

“What’s the point of having a private number plate? They’re such a waste of money!”

Would I agree? Well, of course not.

There are some occasions when it does seem like that. It really depends on the ‘quality’ of the registration number itself. Many of the cheap private number plates are fine, but not worth re-selling. Especially if you have to squint (a lot) to figure out what they represent to the owner.

There’s an argument that even the good ones are not adding anything to the look of the car. I can see both views, but I’m inclined to disagree with that view. Some cars look wrong without a personalised number plate.

BUT, one of the clear exceptions to that is if it’s a business related one private number plate.

We’re all used to seeing writing on the side of a van or lorry. So we may not notice anything remarkable about it. But if we catch sight of a cheeky little number plate that fits with what the company does – it gets photographed and posted up on the Internet. And there you go – what effectively amounts to free advertising!

Here are some examples of private number plates being put to use:




New Subaru drives demand for BRZ number plates

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

BRZ number plates in demand for Subaru

The new Subaru BRZ is creating a bit of a buzz in the car world.

Today we sold four (yes four!) Subaru BRZ number plates in anticipation of the release of the new coupe. And I’ve no doubt that demand will go up as more buyers become aware of it, and even more when they go on sale in the coming months.

The concept car shown in this year’s Geneva Motor Show gave some idea of the styling of the new BRZ. The final production version of the car will be revealed in November this year, and go on sale in 2012. BRZ comes from “boxer engine, rear-wheel-drive, zenith”. Personally, the first word that comes to mind for me is BREEZE.

Currently, BRZ number plates are an inexpensive Irish number plate. But it’s likely that, as more buyers become aware of the new Subaru model that’s creating a bit of a buzz, the demand will go up… pushing up prices. It was a similar story for other car number plates, like the BMW M3, M5, X5, etc.

It may be worth snapping one up, and holding on to it in anticipation of the new Subaru going on sale next year… worth a thought? Right now, a BRZ number plate starts from less than £100+vat. With the DVLA transfer fees, it’s a cheap number plate!


Personalised number plate may stop car thief

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Thieves don’t like personalised number plates

And they don’t like other things that will make the car stand out on the road. So the more obvious your personalised registration is, the more likely it will be noticed. And that, according to a former car thief Michael Fraser, will put a thief off.

Other tips that will deter a potential thief:

1. Make it difficult for the thief to steal the car – turn your wheels into the kerb or towards the car parked next to you.

2. Hide your keys in the house, so they’re not stolen during a burglary

3. Use the drive, or better still, your garage. Thieves don’t like to approach houses.

4. Don’t reverse onto your drive – it takes more effort to move it

5. Personalise it with a registration number, or flowery stickers, and fluffy toys etc – if you’re that way inclined!

That doesn’t stop you number plates being stolen though – but that’s a separate issue.


Pink number plate border for pink cars

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Pink car needs special number plate border

I’ve talked recently about just how popular pink cars have become in the past few years. There are over 7500 of them on the roads today – and I can only see that number going up!

What’s needed then, of course, is an equally girlie number plate with a pink border to go with it. That’s regardless of whether or not you have a private registration number on it.

We stumbled across this one. Not just any old plain pink border though. This one has little white hearts in it. And if you’re going for the full-on girlie pink look – this is just the perfect accessory.

We love this number plate border.

Dad spends £17,000 on personalised number plate for 5-week-old

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Personalised number plate for 5-wk-old son

We’ve previously reported on a Dad spending £26,000 on a personalised number plate for his daughter’s 11th birthday. So this is nothing new.

You may think that’s a crazy thing to do – spend £17,000 on a number plate for such a young child. But, this astute father from Norwich is thinking well ahead. Registration number 1 HFH came up for sale at a DVLA Auction this week – and the opportunity won’t be coming around again for many years, if at all. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So now was the time to grab it. A distinctive personalised number plate like that will only increase in value over the years. The number 1 is always in demand.

The buyer, a businessman who wants to stay anonymous, said “I’m just going to keep [the number plate] for my son. It’ll be his on the day he’s old enough to have his own car”.

The future recpient of this very special dateles number plate may have a very long wait before he can use it, but it’ll be worth it.

Porsche looks wrong without personalised number plate

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Porsche without a personalised number plate?

It just looked wrong!

I stopped to fill up at a local petrol station, when a Porsche Cayman pulled up alongside. It was the distinctive colour that first caught my eye – certainly not for the timid amongst us!

The strong metallic colour was an olive green, with PORSCHE imprinted in large black lettering down sides (in case you have any doubts about what you were looking at!).

I was busy figuring out whether or not I liked the colour, when I noticed the registration number – something I do with most cars to be honest. But especially if it’s a particularly distinctive car like this one. It was an 11 series number plate, so clearly a very new car. But I was expecting a personalised number plate.

To me, such a distinctive Porsche with an ‘in your face’ colour needs a personalised number plate to finish it off. Now, I know that’s probably a biased view – after all, I’m involved with personalised registration numbers every day. And I’m ‘tuned in’ to them. But to me the car just looked ‘wrong’.

I had a chat with the owner, whilst queueing to pay for my fuel.

“You know what’s missing on that Porsche…” I said. “A personalised number plate”.

“Ah yes” was the reply. “I have a few. I’m letting the world know this is a new Porsche before I change the registration number. I still have a few weeks left. It’s a great toy, though” he told me… with a grin on his face. I’ll go along with that.

Well it made sense.

But nice to know the owner plans on put the last touch on it when the time is right.

UK registration number 60 release under-rated

Monday, July 25th, 2011

DVLA release of 60 registration numbers are superb

Each year, there are two releases of registration numbers. Take a look at the  full list of the car registration numbers dates.

The DVLA released the new registration number 60 in 2010. So all vehicles registered from 1st September 2010 and 28th Feb 2011 will carry the number 60 as the year identifier. Also available were private number plates with the number 60 in the middle.

We’ve already covered the frenzy over the release of the 11 registration number in December 2010. So many buyers tried to jump on the bandwagon, hoping ot pick up a bargain – either for personal use or (more likely) as an investment. But I think many people missed a trick with the number 60.

My favourite combination for the cheapest number plates was those beginning with ‘GO60′, creating ADY registration number GO60 ADY. And even better was a registration number for Hugo. One of my favourites is OO60 OFY.

The 60 registration numbers can only be transferred to vehicles registered on or after 1st September 2010 – you cannot make a car appear newer than it is. But that doesn’t stop you buying one if you’ve seen one you like. You have up to 12 months to transfer the registration number to a vehicle. And if you’re still not ready, you can simply extend it for up to another 3 years at a time, for a small fee. It’s definitely worth grabbing it while you can though – chances are it’ll be gone if you leave it too long.

BO11 LUX rude registration plate confiscated by DVLA

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Cheeky registration plate considered rude

The registratiom plate in question is BO11 LUX.

It is a bit of a cheeky number plate, but the DVLA have deemed it ‘offensive’ – and asked its owner to remove it. And have issued him with a standard registration number instead, as well as offering a full refund.

For every new release, the DVLA do try to remove registration numbers they believe could cause offence. There’s a concerted effort to spot them, but unfortunately they can’t catch every single permutation of numbers and letters that our human brains can conceive, to make up rude words. We previously blogged about a similar rude number plate snapped up by another eagle-eyed buyer.

The 11 series number plates became available in December 2010, and Alan Clarke of Chesterfield (pictured above) picked up the chance to grab this slightly rude number plate, for a bit of fun. On picking up his new car in March, he had the registration number assigned straightaway. And that was that… or so he thought. The DVLA wrote to him just a few weeks later, asking him to remove the registration number.

Naturally, Mr Clarke is a little bit miffed about this. And is refusing to remove it. After all, the DVLA are reponsible for making it available, and now wish to withdraw it. And I can see his point of view.

Unfortunately, though, it’s likely Mr Clarke will win this one. The DVLA have already assigned another registration number to the vehicle, which means he is driving illegally if he continues to display the apparently rude registration plate.

Added to that, by buying the registration plate, Mr Clarke has agreed to the terms of the sale.

What many buyers don’t realise is that, when you purchase any registration plate, what you’re actually buying is the right to use it. Regardless of whether the registration number cost £300 or £300,000. And the DVLA reserve the right to withdraw it at any time. Though in reality, this rarely happens.

So, although I can see Mr Clarke’s point of view… and even empathise, it may be a losing battle.

Private number plate for the wife?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

What number plate to buy for the wife?

I’m guessing this is the dilemma faced by one particular husband.

And… instead of opting for his wife’s name or initials (or perhaps a nickname), he’s clearly decided to get a little more creative.

The result: W111 FES.

The number plate on this Mercedes caught my eye this morning as I came up behind it, driving through a small (and exclusive!) Leicestershire village. Love it. It made me giggle, anyway.

We’ll assume the reason he chose this one wasn’t because he couldn’t remember the wife’s name… and that he isn’t planning to keep his options open re re-using the registration number at a later date…

This did leave me wondering what the husband’s own private number plate is?

H11 BBY perhaps?

Suggestions welcome!